AVRA 2-way swim safety buoy


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AVRA inflatable dry bag / swim buoy.  Perfect for open water swimming, swim run, paddling and most of your adventures.  The two straps are cleverly designed to be worn around the waist, or changed into a knapsack within seconds.  Single roll-up compartment to keep your belongings dry.  Double air bag for additional security, and can be inflated in the water.  Two bright colour options to keep you visible and stylish. 

Capacity: 28L
Buoyancy: 18kg
Max Load Weight: <9kg
Model: L-901
Size: 720x370mm
Material: Nylon + PVC
This bag is suitable for open water swimming and water sports. 

Instructions for use:

  • Ensure the bag is fully deflated before use
  • Fill the bag with your swim kit
  • Roll the top down until it reaches the 'Foldable Area"
  • Inflate using the mouthpiece on either side of the buoy
  • Attach the lease and waistbelt
  • Swim!

Please store this bag in a dry area away from direct sunlight and sharp objects.  For added security, place electrical items and valuables in a waterproof bag prior to using this dry bag. 

WARNING: Not a lifesaving device.  This bag should only be used by competent swimmers.